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Dechang Products


About Dechang

/Company Profile

Hangzhou Dechang Furniture and Hardware ?Co., Ltd.founded in 1997, covers an area of more than 60000 square meters, is a collection of r &d, design, production, sales as one of professional company, dedicated to the production of steel, aluminum and other metal structure and its main office furniture, civil furniture, accessories products.

The company has introduced automatic high-tech production equipment, has a perfect production management system, after 20 years of exploration and improvement, products have been exported to the americas, Europe, Africa, Australia, more than 80 countries and regions such as southeast Asia, widely favored by domestic and foreign merchants, has important role in metal furniture industry.


News Information


Dechang Contact

/Contact us

Hangzhou Dechang Hardware Furniture Co., Ltd

Company Address:NO.8,8 Road,XiYuan XiHu Industrial Park,Sandun,Hangzhou

NO.6 XiYuan Road,West Lake Science and Technology Park,Sandun,Hangzhou

Fax: 0571-81958310 (province)?

85361725 (province) ?81903076(foreigh trade)

Website: Http: //www.odscva.com

E-mail: hzdechang@163.com

? ? ? ? ? ?hzdcwj@hzdcwj.com

Alibaba: https://hzdcwj.1688.com/

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